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Melt it Off with Mitch Gaylord

The following is my email to the Melt it off iwth Mitch Gaylord. They lie cheat and steal from my checking account. After canceling the product 56 days later they charge and ship to me after cancellation. Mitch does not hire Americans but foreign nationals to ripe you off and give terrible customer service. Thinking of canceling my credit card to prevent them from charging me again. Even though they again told me I would not receive anything else from them. Do NOT TRUST THIS COMANY Sept. 11, 2012 After 56 days and three telephone calls to not ship or charge anything to my account now I get an email that you are shipping me the program. I told you in August 2 to cancel the order if it could not get to me in 5 days. I just spoke with customer service LEA a so called supervisor and she said my 14.95 express shipping has be credited to my account. She also said no future shipments of any kind. I will hold my breath to see if the product ever shows up at my home. Never ship me anything again. Cancel all products from you.
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Houston, Texas

Annoyed at price

advertised 9.99 so i ordered 2 they charged me 19.98 x's 2 and when i called they gave me a run around,once i receive i will be returning and on top of all this it may take me a month to get my money back when it took them 5 minutes to take my money. don't waste your time with this company i should have known better. rip off artists. won't bother with is company again. am totally dissatisfied and i couldn't even cancel the order and it was already shipped this is very poor customer service
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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Worst Mail-Order Company

I ordered Melt It Off, which took a month to arrive, and was unable to track my order online. Once it finally arrived, the dvd case was broken and the dvd was scratched. I received a replacement shipment which included a broken case and another scratched dvd. Next I began noticing random charges to my credit card account which I did not authorize. Although I managed to get a refund for some of the charges, I am still out more money than I agreed to pay. This is the shoddiest, most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. I would never recommend this company or product to anyone. BEWARE.
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Plano, Texas
New Reviewer

Melt It Off with Mitch Gaylord

This company is a rip off. The item (DVD) I recieved was damaged/cracked. I retrieved my info to contact them and saw they charged my Credit Card another $47! I am pissed. I did not authorize this. And to top it off they say there is nothing that can be done because the order was plaed more than 30 days ago, I only recieved it 2 weeks ago! This is a scam and a rip off. DO NOY BUY! The customer service is awful! It is a shame that these people are scamming us hard working americans. They should be held accountable!
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Clementon, New Jersey

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Melt-it-off with Mitch

The exercise program is really good but the hidden charges are a total scam. I should have listened to the reviews! I thought I was being smart and canceled the vitamins a.s.a.p., no problem. Now I see that they have been charging my credit card $19.99 a month for 2 months for "on-line membership" (wich I have not used). And they won't refund my $40.00, they will only cancel as of today. Maybe I'll try to approach it from my credit card's customer service deptartment like one reviewer did. And, of course, the shipping charges are totaly ridiculous. STAY AWAY!!!!! Find it on e-bay :(
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SCAM! Stay away from this! All kinds of hidden charges wiil appear on your credit card and it you don't check you will keep being charged month after month for things you don't want and don't use.


total total scam...don't buy...

the c.d. is ok but they have every hidden cost and even when you cancel..they will bill you for something else you didn't order. DON'T DO IT

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Royse City, Texas
New Reviewer

Melt it off is ripping me off

Melt it Off with Mitch is a good workout but I was not interested in vitamins so I returned the vitamins for a refund that i did get then 2 months later my account was charged again! I ended up bouncing a check because of this. The Melt It Off video was great but not worth the hassell I'm going through. I couldn't even find a number to call about it. Now I'm searching for a way to contact them for a refund of my money. Even though they charged me for the vitamins they never sent me any. I will never buy from TV ads AGAIN!
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Rochester, New York
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Melt if off with Mitch

I also am very disappointed with the Melt if Off with Mitch Gaylord. The company shared my personal info and keep sending junk along with charging my credit card. The only ppl in customer service are *** and cannot give any resolution to any problem. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told by the rep that all supervisors were busy with other customers. I was asked to hold and rep came back on the line but still no supervisor was available and they were not allowed to give the name of the supervisor. How convenient. I gave online shopping one more chance, and of course, it failed miserably. Will I ever learn?
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Athens, Georgia
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Beware of additional charges

A free gas card was offered I declined this both via email and phone call but they got me involved in a membership with ValueMax which is charging me 35.95 a month and has been for last 4 months. I have managed to now cancel this membership that I didn't ask for and am now trying to get the credit. The program is fine but they cannot be trusted first the vitamins that I didn't ask for and now this. Must go to website and contact them as return email does not work. Beware they are not to be trusted.
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Wilmington, Illinois
New Reviewer

Happy with this product.. so far

I ordered Melt-it-off With Mitch Gaylord on Monday, 3-23-09. I didn't pay for speedy processing or any special delivery, just the basic cheapest way to go. I ordered online and it stated that it was in stock. It shipped out from California 3/25 UPS ground and it arrived today 3/31 in Michigan. I immediately called to cancel my auto-order of the vitamins. The phone was answered promptly, and I was connected to a real person within seconds. The service rep gave me a confirmation number upon cancellation. She was foreign, but she seemed to know why I was calling. Hopefully, it is cancelled. You can actually call before you recieve the order because they just needed my zip code and last name to do it. I was pressed for time today, but I did manage to listen to the motivational cd, then did the 10 minute workout. My only complaint is that I have small hands and the ball was hard to grip one-handed as needed in a couple of exercises. But the workout was easy to keep up with, and I'm no good at following aerobic routines, but I kept up and found that some of the upper body moves were too easy for me, so I needed a heavier ball. I have naturally strong arms. No problem, I went to Walmart and bought a "danskin" weighted 5lb ball which is softer and easier for me to grip. It cost me $10. They also came in other weights. Otherwise I love the program so far. Even though it seemed somewhat easy to me (and I haven't worked out in a long time), I felt that familiar warm, slight burn that you get after a good workout. I used to be a fitness nut, actually I was obsessed with it in my early 20's (I'm 45 now) and from just watching the informercial, I just knew that this was going to be a great, highly effective workout. I will update with fitness results. I'm really excited about the program! Evidently, the guys at Melt it off must have taken heed to the customer service complaints, I had no issues with them whatsoever. I'm glad that I took a chance to order this product.
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Wixom, Michigan
New Reviewer

I'm more than melted off.. grrrr

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! horrible customer service. to make a long story short- my product never came. i contacted them and they said it was not in the computer- i made it clear that if they found the order- cancel it, i was not happy. a week later the product came. i returned it to sender and called them again- the C.S rep hung up on me.. grrrr. i called again, placed a complaint to a supervisor who had NO CLUE what she was doing. they ended up refunding me half the amount. i am still battling them for the full refund. you will be disappointed with the service and frustrated.
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I am thinking of purchasing this program.

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Los Angeles, California

Melt it off with Mitch

I too was the victim of what i concider credit card fraud. The first month after I bought the ball they sent the pills (which I didn't order) I boxed them up & mailed them back (at a cost of $7.00). They would not credit my card and then billed for more the next moth but did not ship anything!! I am still fighting with them & have filed a complaint with my credit card- Next is the BBB! DON'T BUY THIS !!! The work out is ok- but way harder than advertised. We exercise regularly & it just about killed us! When something sounds too good to be true- it usually is. Live & learn & don't buy this product!
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Reston, Virginia

Mitch Gaylord Melt-it-Off: great plan, just pay attention to what you're ordering

I ordered the Melt it Off ball & exercise DVD from Mitch Garlord, and find it's a plan that works - but you have to be dedicated to the exercise and to the food plan. As to the energy-boosting vitamins, they carefully word it on the TV ad that you'll get recurring shipments of the pills, charged to your credit card. I forgot that by the time I received my package - until I looked over the shipping receipt which plainly advises the next shipment of pills will arrive in 30 days. I had absolutely no problem canceling the future shipments - simply called their number & explained I could not afford the future shipments of pills and DVDs. They immediately asked my account # and canceled further shipments in a pleasant manner. As to the pills, I believe if you take a good multiple vitamin daily, and perhaps a supplement pill containing Hoodia for energy, you'll get the same results at a fraction of the cost.
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STAY AWAY !!!!!1


The program has been great and was a breeze to cancel the pills. I have been on the program for 3 months and lost 52 lbs just by following the meal plan and the work outs.


I cancelled the vitamins right away, no problems at all!

The program is amazing! I just started back again, did the 10 minute exercise last night and today I was an inch less in the waist!



Do not order from this company. There are HIDDEN fees associated with the so called vitamins. Had to get credit card company to resolve the issue.

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Reston, Virginia
New Reviewer


The workout is one of the best i've seen. Been on it for 4 weeks now, and have seen clear results. It's tough, but if you stick with it, it works. Now even though it does work, be very caution, if you plan on ordering. Customer service sucks, and they will do everything in their power to charge you for everything they possibly can, even if you don't want any extra. Especially those *** vitamins. I know a few people that have been screwed over by this. They company will refund your money, but it will be one heck of a fight to refund the shipping chanrges. Now luckely i had a feeling they would try to continure to send me those pills without my permission, because that's what these companies always try to do, so i refused them when they came, and didn't get chanrged. I then called a 2nd time to cancel, and this time they actually cancelled the auto shipments. The dvd's did take quite a while to arrive. But I am happy at the moment with the order, because i love the workout, but if i had to do ot all over again, i don't know if i would. If you do decide to order, again, be very, very cautious when doing so. It will take long to receive, and they will try to get one over on you with the pills.
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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Melt it Off is a Scam

Do not buy this DVD. Even though the workout is actually pretty decent, the catch is that they send you a bottle of little green pills for weight loss which you don't even ask for. They're labled as "free". But a month later they bill your credit card $30 more for another bottle of green pills and claim that you authorized the 'continuancy plan'. I never once saw this clause but it's likely buried in their terms & conditions. I'm in the middle of fighting this tooth & nail, which is an enormous expenditure of time and negative energy. Save yourself the torment and either try to buy this elsewhere (ebay?) or just skip it all together. The workout is not worth all this mess.
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You can't opt out of the pills. The only way to stop receiving them is by calling customer service - ya, it sucks but it does say that on the website.

You can just buy a prepaid master card or visa and order it that way so you won't be charged the extra dough for those pills.


I wish I had found this site before I purchased this scam. The concept is good, but, they melt your money off your charge automatically and don't pay it back!


BIG TIME scam - dont do it, you will be paying for ever !!!


Disappointed - received only part of order

I am VERY disappointed - trying to return a PARTIAL order now - only one CD Cardio Burning (Mitch's name not even on there) and yes another box sent a couple of days later - those green pills $46.97 is what they want for that.

Supposedly when I return this... I am to get everything I have paid $41.78 and $26.98 (and not get charged $19.99 that I was told was being charged even though I cancelled those pills). I would have REALLY liked to have tried the program but NEVER received MITCH's DVDs so - can't...just 1 (not two books) 1 DVD not the equivalent of 6, the website memberships card (whoopie) and one sample of boost. Even though I should have received two samples of boost they would not even consider letting me keep the second one they sent me and just mail me the other missing items....they wanted $46.97 for the 2nd "mailed" bottle of boost when TWO samples were to be in my very incomplete box. I will reply in this format to let readers in this forum know if I received a refund or not.


I just do not know what to believe anymore when it comes to fitness products shown on tv. I believe there should be a law against these companies who lie and cheat on customers.


People who buy this snake oil disgust me LOL


I paid with a prepaid credit card. safe easy way to order anything online, don't keep a balance and you can't lose any money!!


I am considering getting the workout system....and im concerned aobut the monthy charge for pills.....MY opinion...what If I purchase a "visa" card at walmart...put an amount on it to cover the initial purchase...and wala~! no monthly charges cause it was a pay as u go credit card?

Do you think it will work? 8)


:( Yes, the website does technically say it... but it is so vague and unclear during the ordering process.

I am a very savvy consumer and totally missed it! I found out I was signed up for a Pill Club when I got my first shipment (and the corresponding credit card charge!) Also hard to cancel. I had to get pretty aggressive.

I'm sending the whole thing back - including the DVDs (which are just OK - nothing special). Very disappointed!


Guess you didn't read before you ordered and it's clearly visable without going through layers of legalese. I'm sure there may be true glitches but some of you just didn't do your part by canceling.

3 Free Bonus Gifts!

• Melt in 10™ Workout: Use this quick and effective 10 Minute Total Body workout for those times when you find yourself out of time.

• Mitch's Winning Mind Set™ Motivational CD: When you find yourself needing some extra inspiration, you can listen to Mitch's motivational CD. Let Mitch will be your personal coach so that you too can go for the gold!

• FREE Supply of our Essential Boost: Get a 30-day supply of our fat burning supplement* and a FREE upgrade to our convenient continuity program! Starting in 30 days, you'll receive a fresh two-month supply of

Essential Boost every 60 days for just $19.99 per month plus $6.99 shipping and handling. You can cancel at any time by calling customer service, and it comes with our 30 day money back guarantee. :cry

No I'm not with the company just someone who accepts some personal responsibility for what I order.

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San Francisco, California

Mitch Gaylord's "Melt It Off" program

So, I recently ordered Mitch Gaylord's "Melt it Off" exercise program. I originally tried ordering over the phone but could only get an automated touch tone system, so, I ordered off their Web site. Cost including regular shipping was around $26. Six weeks later I finally received my package containing the 2lb. "G Ball", some booklets and an exercise DVD. The next day I received another package containing the exact same thing. Then the mystery charges to my account started occuring. I was overcharged over $75! When I called to explain there was some kind of error going on and that they had sent me two packages the customer service rep said that I had ordered two. I explained that "no, I had not ordered two and have a receipt of my purchase." Then she proceeded to say, oh it looks like someone else at your house ordered the other package. I said "who would that be?" They said do you have a spouse? I said yes, my husband. They said yes, that's who ordered it. I talked to my husband, he said he did not order any such thing and was not even aware that I had ordered one. I asked them to take the other package off my account and that I had already sent it back to them via "return to sender." They said that they could only refund the cost of the product and not the shipping which was Express shipping on the other package. (Around $21!) I said, but we didn't order the other package! I also questioned another charge from them on my card for $26 that showed up a week after I received the two packages. They said it was for some "Energy Boost" vitamins that they would be sending me monthly. I said I didn't order that or receive that either, so please remove from my account. They said that I would be receiving the first shipment of vitamins shortly and as soon as I returned them they would credit my account. Two weeks later, I received them. I sent them back. I called them back and asked for my refunds. They refused to refund the full amounts. Basically, they wanted me to pay for the shipping costs of the vitamins and 2nd package even though I didn't order them. Even after I talked to the manager, they refused to refund the full ammount. I was out close to $50 in unauthorized charges. That's when I got my bank involved as I used a bank card to make the original purchase. My bank finally resolved the issue for me, but it took me having to cancel my credit card and getting a new card. All in all, the process took three months to get a refund for unauthorized charges from this company! What a mess! Although the exercise program is good... their customer service is horrible.
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do not order this product unless you want to keep paying for things you don't know about


do not order this product unless you want to keep paying for things you don't know about


I ordered this product from the site and they said they shipped it on Monday the 11th and I paid for rush shipping which I was told was 3-5 days and it is now the 20th and I have still not got the package. I am starting to wonder if I will get it after finding all the trouble people have had with them.


I agree! Melt it off is a scam!!

I had similar experiences with products I didn't order being charged to my account and no refund. I eventually contacted the Better Business Bureau and would encourage everyone else to do the same to put a stop to this


I too ordered this program from eBay. Didn't like the whole "bill you for vitamins" shtick.

The price on eBay wasn't too far off from what they asked for on the infomercial, and I didn't have to deal with the bad customer service.

All in all, I love the workout. It looks so simple, but you can definitely feel the difference.


I decided to order system off of ebay- I may have paid a little more but I did not have to worry about the vitamins, double shipments and all of the other hassle that seems to be associated with ordering workout equipment and videos. Thanks for honest feedback- you saved me a lot of headaches!


I love the program. I too was charged for 2 orders.

I had an error and got no confirmation so I ordered again. When I received 2 confirmations, I called and was told I could cancel one. I verified one was still active and ordered with priority shipping. When I called to check on order, they said not enough time- call back in a couple of days.

After waitng a week for priority and being told 2 times it hadn't gone out yet, I called again. Was told both orders were cancelled.

Ordered again and asked for duplicate details (IE: priority shipping) Received almost 2 weeks later (no priority).

Again- love the product but will not order anything from these same people again. They also handle the Bender Ball orders.


This is a *** company!! It IS a good workout, but Mitch should be ashamed to be associated with such a lame operation.

I ordered it off the website, shipping is outrageous, it took 2 weeks to receive the product (too long). The *** vitamins!!! I called as soon as I could to have the automatic shipments discontinued. Ended up receiving one shipment anyways.

So I sent it back, ate the shipping costs, 6 weeks ago, and still have not seen a refund on credit card. I am about to call my bank as well. I have called them a couple of times, and every time, some person in India tells me that they have not received notification that it's in the warehouse. When they get the notification then it takes 3 to 5 weeks to process a refund.

They are still waiting on my warehouse notification. Tracking on the order says they received it July 19.

It is now September 5. Do you think I'm getting a refund?


Do not order from this company. There are HIDDEN fees associated with the so called vitamins. Had to get credit card company to resolve the issue.


:) Great workouts BUT


- TOO MUCH TIME WASTED on instruction

- 4lb should be included as 2lb ball does little except with ab workout

-recommend going straight to the max workout if you've been working out a while to maximize the effectiveness

:( Instruction: should have included that the 3 people demo'ing during the workout show respectively: Bronze, Silver and Gold levels whereas you generally have to guess.

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Middletown, New York

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